Sr. Sol Angel Diaz



      I was aware of my vocation when I was 7 years old. I felt so attracted by the image of our Blessed Mother, the Cross, and especially very attracted to prayer life, praying in solitude the rosary or simple talking to God…I was pretending I was playing…I didn’t understand very well. I was born in Colombia , in a family of 11 children. My grandparents also lived with us since they were very poor. My family is very catholic and devout parents. Several of my uncles and aunts were priests and sisters. I studied with the Franciscan Sisters since I was 7 years old, until I was 18yr.old, -all elementary and high school- The sisters always gave to me a good testimony of Religious Life. When I finished, my family moved to another city, and I started working to help my father with expenses. Then, I continue my studies in the University, at the same time that I continue working to pay for them. But, when I was 25 I interrupted them, because I felt very strong the call to the Religious Life with the same Franciscan Sisters, so I traveled to Panamá, to be able to do my postulancy, which means one of the stages in formation to be able to become a Religious. The reason they sent me to Panamá, it was because I was too attached to them, that we considered it has to be a little farther. When I was 7 months in the Postulancy, I got very homesick and the Provincial Mother told me that Panamá was not my place, nor the time. So they sent me back to Colombia , to my family to recover. In one month I got very well, I continue finishing my studies in education, I started working again, having social life and thinking the possibility of a marriage because it was time at my age of already 30 years to have children. After, I decided to study English in London , but I couldn’t…my parents refuse totally this decision of mine. Finally, after struggling so much because I wanted to do my own will…and “God didn’t let me” by giving a stronger will to my parents to refuse for me to travel on my own to London or France…they found, through my “Aunt who is a nun, a Franciscan Sister” that they have a Convent here in “TEXAS, Amarillo” and that I could study English…so, I immediately thought about to marry a “cowboy”. So I arrived in 1988 to the Franciscan Sisters in Amarillo , and I was telling some of the sisters to help me to meet and to know a cowboy! So I can get marry soon!!!

    Soon, I had a friend, but not exactly a “cowboy” he was a “ranchero, from Mexico ”...but one month later, One Bishop from California , arrived to the Convent for a visit. This was a “charismatic Bishop” with an extraordinary gift of discernment…and since he met me, he look at my eyes, and told me: “Señorita, I would like to talk to you”…I shrank and thought inside of me…”I won’t…”, but out of politeness, with a smile I agreed! After he talked to me, he told me that I had the vocation to become a sister…I was very afraid…and I answered him that God didn’t want me for Himself anymore…because I got sick in Panama…so it was time for me to get marry… He answered me with the very same words than the Provincial Superior at that time answered me: “Panamá wasn’t your place or your time” NOW, THIS IS YOUR PLACE AND YOUR TIME…and Here I am!!! I am very happy, convinced of my Religious Life, in love of Jesus, and very grateful to my dear mother Mary.


    Sr.Sol Angel Díaz,fmi