• Vocation Directress in our Fraternities-
    St. Francis Region 

    Age:  16-28
    for more information contact:  Vocation Directress

    Resurrection Convent
    3346 Opal Street.
    Los Angeles, California 90023
    Tel: (323) 526-6980
    Region Vocation Directress:  Sister Ines

    St. Francis Convent
    4301 18th Ave.
    Amarillo, TX 
    Vocation Directress
    Sr. Esperanza Carlos, fmi
    Sr. Valentine Curry, fmi

    Our Lady of The Angels Convent
    1388 Nuna Ave.
    Fort Myers, Florida 33905
    Sr. Angelica Flores, fmi
    Vocation directress

    Santa Clara
    347 Lawn Ave,
    Kansas City, MO 64124
    Vocation Directress

    General information Contact: 
    Sister Ines del C. Lopez Martinez, fmi
    Vocation Directress

  • Every Vocation is a gift from God which must be implored by prayers and merited by the witness of a holy life.  (John P
    aul II)